My Unfiltered Life (in doodles)

See Me are currently running a campaign called #myunfilteredlife alongside the existing #powerofokay.

The campaign aims to get people to post pictures of their lives unfiltered; pictures that show what life’s really like. In the spirit of this, I decided to write a blog post about my unfiltered life.

My unfiltered life involves the following things:

Struggling to get out of bed. When in the depths of depression, I literally cannot – and do not – move from my bed except to go to the toilet. How glamorous?!

Struggling with showering. Not showering for days (I know, right?!), or else obsessively showering ’til my skin is all pale and wrinkled.

Struggling with eating. Eating too much or too little; comfort eating or forgetting to eat entirely.

Struggling with crying. Yes, I have a weird relationship with crying. There are times when I just cry, constantly (most people’s idea of depression). But there are times when I can’t cry at all, too.

Struggling to go out alone. I can go out with someone with me, but the anxiety is all too often overwhelming when I try to leave the house by myself.

Struggling with sleep. I didn’t really sleep last night. Or the night before. Or the night before…you get it. Taking hours to fall asleep. When I do sleep, I wake to nightmares, or just wake super early to lie wide awake for hours.

Struggling to enjoy myself. So not really enjoying anything. I really have issues with this one, because, not only do you get to do fun things and feel no enjoyment from them, you get to feel guilty for not enjoying them afterwards.

*no picture*

Struggling with thoughts of not wanting to be here/do this anymore. ‘Nuff said.

Some of these are things I’ve written about in more depth in other blog posts, and some aren’t. But this is my real life, unfiltered. So there you have it.